Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nothing could Sound louder - iTunes Sound Blaster Wireless System

To get the audio from a laptop to a receiver, was always a big task to conquer when you even mention your budget criteria. So to get a practical as well as an inexpensive source isn’t childlike game.

But not to worry Creative has done it for you. I would rather call it as an easy and a non-burdensome task for any to do. You can now easily get your PC or Mac audio streaming directly to external speakers or a receiver as you say. It’s really tough to find a fault in the system, as it gives you an awesome response as you want it to be.
The sound blaster wireless system is what you will love when the iTunes and Receiver is actually a bundle featuring two separate products. The foremost is the USB dongle- the wireless system is simply a USB that helps to bring the audio from your laptop to a Creative receiver. Then in line is the actual wireless audio receiver that can be used to enhance the connection of external speakers or an AV receiver. And the way Creative shows its creativity is by putting both in one pack and makes it available in the market.

 Setting up the wireless doesn’t take much of your efforts, and can be easily done. All you need to do is attach the USB dongle into the ports of your system and then care-freely make it sit near your external speakers or AV receiver. Now comes some really technical stuff: the rear of the receiver has two line-out connections: a 1/8 inch jack and an RCA analog stereo out. And what else can make it work, surely the power supply which is an important component.

Now to put the dongle and receiver in the action mode you just need to long press the ‘connect’ button on the USB dongle but make it just for a moment and the do the same to the receiver’s ‘link’ button. And once you are done with your efforts you just need to sit and love the sound effect. There will be a white LED light that will resemble the existence of connectivity. And after all this the entire audio of your computer will be then connected to the wireless receiver.   
You even don’t need to worry whenever you need to pause or play the tracks as the receiver itself has all these buttons cultivated on it. Also it comes to you in a small package and fits well in your entertainment circuit. When you’ll be spending empty time in music that too in your dark room, you may surely feel the light to be a too bright to handle. Also the attached remote control has a series of buttons that could be controlled only with a more featured receiver. Not only these there are few things that I really feel uncomfortable about, for use with the bundle system we're reviewing here, you'll only be able to use the volume, mute, play/pause, and skip track buttons. And you can control the tracks only when the PC is on a working mode

The USB dongle has been adjusted with two LED indicators: a power and link light. The link light shows its functionality when connected to the receiver. The dongle itself is a bit larger than a thumb drive and also has an antenna protruding out of it. I won’t actually appreciate the presence of the antenna.
Overall it’s an impressive set you may definitely give it a try.
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