Monday, November 12, 2012

Dos & Don’ts during a Web Conference!

What if yours is a small organization and you have to attend conferences overseas, on a frequent basis? The sad part is that your company doesn’t allow you to spend so much on the foreign trips, but attending these conferences is also very important for your business. So, how about thinking about a cheaper way of sorting this issue? There couldn’t be anything better than ‘Web Conference’ to solve this issue.
Web conference is something that enables you to save your money, by cutting the travel costs. Without spending a penny, you can generate leads for your business. Web Conferencing can do magic, but it also has many risks in its package. Web Conferencing etiquettes are very important to follow. If followed well, it can bag you a business deal and violation of these etiquettes, in a worse case, may cost you a client.Here are few of the things that you have to keep in mind, while going for a web conference, to keep yourself away from unwanted business loss:

Be attentive:

We’re sure you don’t check e-mails, when you are talking to someone. The same applies here, as you cannot afford to lose a business deal, just by being inattentive. You can never take a chance of doing some other activity simultaneously, only because of not being in the same room. Often it has happened that people doze off during such meetings and if that happens then, there are lots of chances to lose important deals during those few seconds.
If you’re the speaker, then make sure that nobody or nothing disturbs you, as you are the one, who is setting the business mood. Do remember to close all the windows in your system, so that the client feels you’re focused and he is important to you.

Keep a check at the real-life environment:

It is always annoying when the clank sound of typing on the keyboard is heard, while the meeting is going on. Sudden buzzing of your phone is also another factor that might leave a negative impression of you and your company, in the minds of your clients. Always take care of such things before initiating a web conference.

Do sync all slides well:

 When it is an ‘in-person’ meeting, it can be forgiven when the audio visual team of your company makes a mistake of stacking the slides. But it is a big “NO” during a web conference, as the clients are entirely dependent on the slides along with your presentation, to have a better understanding of your company. "It's important to make sure that any presentation materials that are broadcast along with the conversation are used in connection with the actual topic being discussed," warns Richard Nicholas, Chief Executive of E Solutions Corp.

The idea of having a Web Conference for the first time might be frightening, however you can easily overcome it, if you’re dedicated in such meetings and follow the etiquettes well. The factor that matters a lot in such meetings is the intensity of being focused. Once you have gotten well with it, you will tend to have web meetings to sum up your business deals, instead of taking the pain of travelling too far to close them.

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