Thursday, November 8, 2012

PDF devotees – PrimoPDF is an asset

PDF! Can you think of any other format to save your file? I hope you would end with a NO; undoubtedly Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) has done a big job in a small span of time. It wasn’t a big deal for Adobe as it had featured semi-open standard and royalty-free licensing, doing good to numerous free PDF readers. But the only feature it lacks in, when it comes to creating a document. But surely there is better plug-ins to save your PDF file in Microsoft Office. Also if you wish you can also buy the Adobe Acrobat software or come up with the option of the third party which costs you much less. But for this article we’ll take in care with the third party involvement. Also there are many handy tools that can come to you when working with a PDF.

NicePDF has something really good for the PDF users, a Free PDF Compressor. This application comes free of cost which is soulfully dedicated to compress your existing PDF documents so that it doesn’t acquire a garden to rest in your archive, or can easily get folded for being emailed. It helps itself by getting rid of the duplicated PDF objects and also takes support of the latest PDF specifications. It puts Flate or Run Length algorithms in use to get the smallest size possible. Though it’s really tough to find out that what actual functionality it uses but only a few could be notified. But few things still remain unpredictable. Older documents averaged a 35% reduction in our tests; newer ones just 5%. However, if you have a large PDF archive then even a 5% reduction is worthwhile. It's just a shame there's no batch-automation option.

You may not get the whole application free of cost but it definitely does many things just like is ElcomSoft's Advanced PDF Password Recovery application. One shouldn’t anytime forget that all has a bootleg but undoubtedly it does wonders with your businesses. Also the advanced PDF puts you out of the situations like when you are stuck up with a file where the password remains to be unknown, here the Pro-version will get it done using some hit and try methods.   

And even if you lie in the category of the ones who aren’t willing to loosen their pockets to get Adobe Acrobat, it has lot of options for you too. Also if you just want to convert a hard copy in to PDF then you can just fuss using any TWAIN scanner, Scan2PDF from Burrotech fits the bill quite nicely. Also the simpler part lies in getting the SCAN and putting in the PDF buttons together. Also with this you can determine a PDF output up to 128-bit encryption and password protection. And finally what you get is a multipage indexed PDF file. But that lacks in the whole is that this is not an OCR scanner so what you get is an image of your document but you cannot regulate your search. Though it simply saves your money but the work isn’t at all neat.

PrimoPDF is simply a printer driver that just gets any document printed but here comes the twist, it will ask you whether the printout is for a screen, print, prepress (which embeds all fonts) or an eBook. Also it gives you the authority to quickly edit the author, keywords accompanied with the security details. Also you need to keep a look as the option just allows you to select weather to reveal it soon after its creation or some tailoring still needs to be mentioned. Above all this the main point that all may be concerned about is that it is free and it lists to be best for the purpose of basic creations that too secured and searchable. In this category it cannot be competed, but if you want to look out for better editing options this tool may put you down.

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