Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Increase The Life Span Of Your Computer!

Eventually, a computer may slow down on its performance. Being a mechanical device, it is not a matter of surprise. User may think that the computer is approaching the end of its life. However, it may not be the case. Often, the careless handling of the system may cause certain problem that may give you a wrong idea.

Frequent cleaning of the system may solve many of the problems that your computer is facing and the life of your system may extend. Here are few of the tips, following which you can get your system up.

Get rid of the cluttered files:

Commonly overlooked scenario is the ‘cluttered’ files. There could be temporary files that are generated by certain Windows programs over time and piling of these files will clutter the system, thus making it slower than it is.

You need to clean these junk files, occasionally. ‘CCleaner’ is a program that runs on systems, to clean such files. It also, has the ability to clean the registry of unwanted files. Your system will be clean, if you make a habit of running such kind of programs on a regular basis.

If needed, defrag your hard drive:

Gradually, files get scattered on the hard drive. This is also a common reason of a slow system. To speed up the system, you can run a ‘defrag’ utility tool.

To begin with, you need to go to ‘My Computer’. Go to ‘Properties’ of the drive that you need to defrag. Select ‘Tools’ tab, and choose ‘Defragment Now’ from there. Click on ‘Defragment’ to initiate the process of defragmentation. Do remember that Solid State Drive should never be defragmented. Defragmenting a SSD drive will reduce the life of the drive and moreover, it will not be effective on SSD drives.

Wipe the dust off the fan:

Usually the processing unit of the computer generates lot of heat, which is continuously vented by the fan of the system. If the processor gets overheated, then the performance of the computer slows down, automatically. So, faster the fan vents the heat, better is the computer’s performance.

Unfortunately, the dust that gets accumulated on the fan makes it slower and it doesn’t work efficiently to throw the heat out of the system. This result in slower performance of the system and due to difficulty in movement, the fan starts making noise.

Unplug your system and remove the computer case. Use a compressed air can to blow the dust off the fan. Fix the case back and plug it on. Turn the system on and you may see a difference in the performance of your system. The above tips are way too simple to follow. So, you can spend some time to take care of your system and maintain an efficient status of the system.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Upset With The Speed Of Your Sleeky New Computer? Remove Unwanted Apps & Enjoy The Speed As You Expected It To Be!

Bought a new computer, but disappointed by its tortoise kind of movement? Do not be upset, thinking that you bought a system that doesn’t work properly. Rather, the PC manufacture might have installed certain apps that consume too much of memory space, making your system slower and the specifications are not to be blamed.

You can use certain utilities to get rid of such preinstalled programs. However, do not make a blunder of removing crucial system features. Let us suppose that you have planned to remove the anti-malware program, be certain of substituting it with equally strong program.

So, there are programs or applications that are installed in your system when they are shipped. It is better to remove such programs, if you are sure that you will never use those programs.

Let us dig deeper about these apps and their removal.

PC Software Bundles:

PC manufacturers and software companies often, make agreements to install trial versions of certain applications. It could be gaming software or antivirus software. Most of these programs are free for a limited period and then, you need to purchase them. In case, they are idle in your system, these programs will slow down your system.

At times these programs are set to run, when the computer is operating normally, which will reduce the processing speed and the memory space will be eaten up unnecessarily. Also, these programs might set to run after the computer boots up. This will delay the time for the computer to be ready to use. Sooner you remove such programs, better it will be for you.

Remove single program:

If there is one program, which is of no use, then go for the Windows utility tool to remove that particular program in few minutes. To start with it, go to ‘Control panel’, choose the program to be removed and click ‘uninstall’. This is a convenient option, if your system is not a part of a network.

System cleaning program:

There could be residues of programs in your system, which is of no use any more and better to be removed. In such a case, it becomes difficult to search for such files individually. So, it is advised to go for cleaning software that will locate such unwanted files and remove them from the registry. You will notice a wide difference in the speed of your system, after using this software.

You would have seen how unnecessary apps slow down the performance of your system. Get rid of these useless apps, by using third party tools or utility tools available in your Windows system.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Choose the Right Cloud Service Provider

If you have taken a decision to move on to cloud based platform, then you must do your homework to know it in-depth. Credibility and viability are the two main factors that you need to focus on, to choose the right service provider.

Investigate it thoroughly, by talking to the existing users of a particular service provider or research it online, to know the market establishment or reputation of the providers. We would suggest you to investigate the following factors, before taking a decision.

Service Level Agreements:

SLA is the most important thing that you need to discuss, before committing to any service provider. Negotiate well with all the terms and conditions, so that there are effective penalties in case of undelivered service.


Make sure that you will be provided with the needed support, in case of crisis in the cloud based platform. This condition should be made clear, before signing an agreement with the cloud service provider.


As a customer, you can avail the service to any extent. However, billing and accounting should be automated, to have a track of your usage. This detail will let you monitor your usage and you can avoid unexpected bills.

Application Programming Interface (APIs):

API is the program that is a bridge or medium, to connect your data center to the cloud. This is very crucial, as the data transfer capability of the interface should be good enough to handle the data transformation.


Depending on the demands, the company creates different services. These services need to be move in and out of the cloud, depending on the requirement, which is why the architecture of the cloud must be very flexible to allow these movements.


If the provider doesn’t assure any tight security, then there is no point of going for that particular service. Your files or settings will be on the internet, so it definitely needs certain layers of security. Let us have a precise look at them:

  • Identity management—the service should be able to recognize the application or any component. This means that it should avoid the intruders, who do not have a proper identity.
  • Access control—right level of access should be allowed, to have a proper security of resources sitting on the platform.
  • Authentication—many users may have the access to the cloud files, but selected users should have the authority to edit the settings or data.

Taking a decision to go for the cloud service could be a good one, but analyzing all the aspects of the service providers and going for the right service provider is a great one.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Is Chromebook Your Kind Of System?

Chrome OS! Extremely new platform by Google based on the cloud system. Now, while talking about ‘cloud’ based systems, users seem to be skeptical to buy a Chromebook and the reason is quite simple, it seems to be of no use, when there is no web connection. It is quite logical and even I had the same impression, until I had hands on with the Chromebook. I will not say that your work will be completed without a web connection, but I strongly disagree with the statement that “it is a useless system, when offline”.

Moreover, can you deny the fact that situation may arise, when you do not have an internet access? There are certain key features, which work even without the reach of an internet access, to solve your issue of internet unavailability.

Gmail app offline:

Google has devised an offline app for Gmail, which looks similar to Gmail interface in tablets. Using this app, you can view your existing e-mails and compose new e-mails, which will be sent automatically, when your Chromebook connects to an internet connection next time.

Work with Google Docs offline:

If you’re a Google Drive user, then you must know that all the Google docs are stored in this platform. Let us tell you that Chromebook has the capability of accessing Google Drive offline and so, Google Docs. Chromebook user can work with Google Docs, anytime they want to, be it reading or editing them. You can edit Microsoft files, PDF files and images on Google Drive and the changes will be saved automatically, as soon as your device is connected to the web. To use this feature, you need to enable the setting of offline use of Google Drive.

Apps offline:

You have heard of Chrome Web Store, haven’t you? Chrome Web Store has innumerous apps available in its pool of apps. Don’t be disappointed with a thought that “web apps” need a web connection. Not always! Google has provided a facility of developing offline apps too. Not all apps can be used in offline mode, but many of them. To find the apps that can be used without a web connection, check out in the ‘Offline Category’ of Chrome Web Store. Many companies have taken the initiative of releasing Chromebooks, including HP, Samsung, Lenovo and Acer. Google has made an attempt to make its OS operate, when disconnected from the world of internet. I accept that it is not for all folks, but users with detailed information can decide whether it is meant for them or not.

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Alternative Apps Are Better Than The Windows 8 Apps!

You might have seen plenty of apps on the platform of Windows 8 for better productivity and entertainment. Are you sure that those apps are the best ones available? Certainly, not! Today, we are going to discuss about few of the third party apps that might give you a better experience than the Microsoft built in apps. So, here you go:

Flip Toast for People:

People app doesn’t just contain a simple contact list, but it syncs all other personal information of the user, like Facebook, Twitter and others. Although, this app is a hub for all the information, but it often confuses the user by jumbling all the services together.  
Fortunately, Flip Toast app is available as a better alternative. It integrates all the services, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social platforms. This app provides an easy interface to handle all the services, without jumbling things around. Also, it has a birthday tool to remind you of your friends’ birthdays. You might not find the interface intuitive initially, but you will find it better than People app eventually. This app is absolutely free in Windows store.

IM+ for Messaging:

Messaging app is a good one that lets you send text across, without any possible delay. You can chat with people in your contact lists or your Facebook account, right from the app. It also supports video chat. It is really great for the users, who are satisfied with limited communication.
What about the people, who wish to interact with many other service users? Messaging app will not satisfy them. For those users, IM+ app could be a better option, as you do not have to limit yourself to your Facebook friends. Rather you can message anybody you can think of, from Facebook to ICQ. You can enjoy messaging, photo sharing, video chat and many more features with this app, which can be found for free in Windows store.

Google Calendar for built in Calendar:

What comes to your mind, when you think of a calendar? Is it viewing the dates and events, making notes, setting reminders? Of course, the built in Calendar app is an expert in all these. It can also sync your Google Calendar, but it fails to sync any shared Google Calendar.
Why don’t you try using Google calendar? It will serve all your needs, be it setting reminders or syncing the shared Google calendars. The only thing you need is an internet connection, as Google calendar has to be accessed via your browser. Like any other app, you can pin Google calendar in your Start screen and use it as any other app of your system.

We don’t say that the built-in apps of Windows 8 are bad, but it is always nicer and better for a user to explode all the options and go for the better ones. The above alternative apps are not perfect, so do the built-in Windows app, but these apps are better than the built-in apps.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Easy Ways To Connect Multiple Monitors To Your Laptop!

The concept of multiple monitors has been here for a long time now. For certain users, set up of multiple monitors is a very useful feature, as it is comfortable for playing games, having better view of the desktop, etc.
Systems that support multiple monitor set up are- Mac systems, Linux systems, Windows 98, ME, XP & Vista. Connecting multiple monitor is no rocket science, just that the operating system and video card of your system must support multiple monitors.
You can connect multiple monitors in two modes- Mirror Mode & Multi Monitor Mode. 

Mirror Mode:

As the name says, you can see a replicated view of the desktop, on the second screen. However, if the resolution of the source monitor is high and the second monitor is less, then the quality of the image on the second monitor will reduce.

Multi Monitor Mode: 

In this mode, the view of the screen will be enlarged. It is generally, good for the gamers.

Connect Multiple Monitors to your Laptop:

We are going to discuss few ways to connect multiple monitors to your system.

Second VGA output of your laptop:

Generally, laptop’s VGA port supports an external monitor that can be spotted easily. The default setting of this VGA port is ‘mirroring’ mode. However, if the laptop also supports multi-mode then, the setting can be switched smoothly.

Use USB to connect a monitor:

The need of VGA port has been eliminated, as the USB ports have come into the picture. You can connect your monitor via a USB port, provided it is capable of supporting multi monitors.

Use a PCMCIA video card:

Usually, laptops support PCMCIA. All you need to do is insert a PCMCIA card, which has the capability, into the slot. You need to download and run the latest driver, to ensure the compatibility of the video card with the operating system.

Use a docking station with video card:

If you have a docking station that has a video card included in it, provided it has multi-mode capability, then you can use the docking station to connect multiple monitors to your laptop. Certain docking stations don’t include video card, but have the ability to accommodate one. If you have such kind of a docking station, then buy a video card and enjoy the feel of multiple monitors.
These are few of the easiest ways to connect more than one monitor to your system. These options might have given you many choices, which you have to choose from, according to your convenience. 

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