Sunday, November 4, 2012

Google and its Android to see a Swype-like keyboard

Babblers taking control of the market can turn out to be a dire change for the Android users. The latest news in the market is that probably the next Android will come with a Swype-like keyboard. The whole thing shows that this change will leave behind the Android Keyboard. Android has surely witnessed bundle of changes but if this one strikes the market then surely it will be the biggest one, as the others were just some minor or major amendments but this one will be a whole-some change in the technology itself.
The company has much to say about the change. First of all the Swype technology is not at all new for the market, and for sure hundreds of fans rest in different parts of the world. The news has popped up from a discussion during the Android Fireside Chat at Google I/O this year. Some-one in the audience had put forward his query of the idea to buy a Swype technology, at this the answer came in that- this keyboard technology was owned by Nuance which was already a part of variety of Android handsets. The whole team patted their back about the time and efforts invested to improvise the keyboard so that it may become the choice of many users. And they also pointed out that Nuance keyboards have already acquired its space among the list of favourites of its users.

We shouldn’t misinterpret the babbler that Google is in the view to buy Swype rather it’s all about bringing up its own version. And I seriously don’t doubt Google’s ability for it. Do you? Also as a matter of fact Google has never needed any kind of licenses for doing anything from any speech recognition company. Nuance had purchased Swype to improve its own keyboard, Flex T9. Definitely even their deal wasn’t something out of just one sided need, rather Swype’s superior typing solution benefited Nuance, on the other hand Nuance’s voice controls were its biggest heritage and definitely both did well taking care of each other’s need. And the result was a big and technically qualified keyboard by a gigantic working unit.

Swype’s popularity was immensely considered by HTC that it came up with its own one line of devices. And if Google too takes a similar step then it may be a similar way as HTC.
But it’s better if Google carries on with its own planned Nexus devices. For an exemplary basis let’s consider Chrome, though it rule many hearts but Google never forced it in android putting back the Android browser. But probably when the talks are about OEM to make a device the Chrome can definitely be witnessed. And one thing is for sure, Nexus will come with the same Chrome for enhancing Google experience.
And keeping the following thinking in mind then if Google was so much into the notion to bring its own keyboard and that too with drastic developments then this may be available as an app so that it can be used by the entire Android devices rather than just sticking with Nexus devices. And if Google does this then the entire bunch of Android users can be facilitated with this new software. And then the existing virtual keyboards, say Swype, will definitely a gigantic pressure of competition.
When the topic of discussion is Google then end never appears but for now keeping all our illusionary expectations in our minds and let’s wait for what Google has stored for all its fan followers. It’s good if it comes up with LG Nexus 4, but bringing it out as an app would be more appreciable.
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