Monday, March 18, 2013

Choose the Right Cloud Service Provider

If you have taken a decision to move on to cloud based platform, then you must do your homework to know it in-depth. Credibility and viability are the two main factors that you need to focus on, to choose the right service provider.

Investigate it thoroughly, by talking to the existing users of a particular service provider or research it online, to know the market establishment or reputation of the providers. We would suggest you to investigate the following factors, before taking a decision.

Service Level Agreements:

SLA is the most important thing that you need to discuss, before committing to any service provider. Negotiate well with all the terms and conditions, so that there are effective penalties in case of undelivered service.


Make sure that you will be provided with the needed support, in case of crisis in the cloud based platform. This condition should be made clear, before signing an agreement with the cloud service provider.


As a customer, you can avail the service to any extent. However, billing and accounting should be automated, to have a track of your usage. This detail will let you monitor your usage and you can avoid unexpected bills.

Application Programming Interface (APIs):

API is the program that is a bridge or medium, to connect your data center to the cloud. This is very crucial, as the data transfer capability of the interface should be good enough to handle the data transformation.


Depending on the demands, the company creates different services. These services need to be move in and out of the cloud, depending on the requirement, which is why the architecture of the cloud must be very flexible to allow these movements.


If the provider doesn’t assure any tight security, then there is no point of going for that particular service. Your files or settings will be on the internet, so it definitely needs certain layers of security. Let us have a precise look at them:

  • Identity management—the service should be able to recognize the application or any component. This means that it should avoid the intruders, who do not have a proper identity.
  • Access control—right level of access should be allowed, to have a proper security of resources sitting on the platform.
  • Authentication—many users may have the access to the cloud files, but selected users should have the authority to edit the settings or data.

Taking a decision to go for the cloud service could be a good one, but analyzing all the aspects of the service providers and going for the right service provider is a great one.

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