Friday, March 1, 2013

Alternative Apps Are Better Than The Windows 8 Apps!

You might have seen plenty of apps on the platform of Windows 8 for better productivity and entertainment. Are you sure that those apps are the best ones available? Certainly, not! Today, we are going to discuss about few of the third party apps that might give you a better experience than the Microsoft built in apps. So, here you go:

Flip Toast for People:

People app doesn’t just contain a simple contact list, but it syncs all other personal information of the user, like Facebook, Twitter and others. Although, this app is a hub for all the information, but it often confuses the user by jumbling all the services together.  
Fortunately, Flip Toast app is available as a better alternative. It integrates all the services, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social platforms. This app provides an easy interface to handle all the services, without jumbling things around. Also, it has a birthday tool to remind you of your friends’ birthdays. You might not find the interface intuitive initially, but you will find it better than People app eventually. This app is absolutely free in Windows store.

IM+ for Messaging:

Messaging app is a good one that lets you send text across, without any possible delay. You can chat with people in your contact lists or your Facebook account, right from the app. It also supports video chat. It is really great for the users, who are satisfied with limited communication.
What about the people, who wish to interact with many other service users? Messaging app will not satisfy them. For those users, IM+ app could be a better option, as you do not have to limit yourself to your Facebook friends. Rather you can message anybody you can think of, from Facebook to ICQ. You can enjoy messaging, photo sharing, video chat and many more features with this app, which can be found for free in Windows store.

Google Calendar for built in Calendar:

What comes to your mind, when you think of a calendar? Is it viewing the dates and events, making notes, setting reminders? Of course, the built in Calendar app is an expert in all these. It can also sync your Google Calendar, but it fails to sync any shared Google Calendar.
Why don’t you try using Google calendar? It will serve all your needs, be it setting reminders or syncing the shared Google calendars. The only thing you need is an internet connection, as Google calendar has to be accessed via your browser. Like any other app, you can pin Google calendar in your Start screen and use it as any other app of your system.

We don’t say that the built-in apps of Windows 8 are bad, but it is always nicer and better for a user to explode all the options and go for the better ones. The above alternative apps are not perfect, so do the built-in Windows app, but these apps are better than the built-in apps.

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