Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Increase The Life Span Of Your Computer!

Eventually, a computer may slow down on its performance. Being a mechanical device, it is not a matter of surprise. User may think that the computer is approaching the end of its life. However, it may not be the case. Often, the careless handling of the system may cause certain problem that may give you a wrong idea.

Frequent cleaning of the system may solve many of the problems that your computer is facing and the life of your system may extend. Here are few of the tips, following which you can get your system up.

Get rid of the cluttered files:

Commonly overlooked scenario is the ‘cluttered’ files. There could be temporary files that are generated by certain Windows programs over time and piling of these files will clutter the system, thus making it slower than it is.

You need to clean these junk files, occasionally. ‘CCleaner’ is a program that runs on systems, to clean such files. It also, has the ability to clean the registry of unwanted files. Your system will be clean, if you make a habit of running such kind of programs on a regular basis.

If needed, defrag your hard drive:

Gradually, files get scattered on the hard drive. This is also a common reason of a slow system. To speed up the system, you can run a ‘defrag’ utility tool.

To begin with, you need to go to ‘My Computer’. Go to ‘Properties’ of the drive that you need to defrag. Select ‘Tools’ tab, and choose ‘Defragment Now’ from there. Click on ‘Defragment’ to initiate the process of defragmentation. Do remember that Solid State Drive should never be defragmented. Defragmenting a SSD drive will reduce the life of the drive and moreover, it will not be effective on SSD drives.

Wipe the dust off the fan:

Usually the processing unit of the computer generates lot of heat, which is continuously vented by the fan of the system. If the processor gets overheated, then the performance of the computer slows down, automatically. So, faster the fan vents the heat, better is the computer’s performance.

Unfortunately, the dust that gets accumulated on the fan makes it slower and it doesn’t work efficiently to throw the heat out of the system. This result in slower performance of the system and due to difficulty in movement, the fan starts making noise.

Unplug your system and remove the computer case. Use a compressed air can to blow the dust off the fan. Fix the case back and plug it on. Turn the system on and you may see a difference in the performance of your system. The above tips are way too simple to follow. So, you can spend some time to take care of your system and maintain an efficient status of the system.

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